The Snow Has Melted: Full Steam Ahead!

It’s been quite a shock here in Portland dealing with the recent snow and ice storms. The weather has passed and with only a few delays were back on track! The electrical has been upgraded, insulation added, and plumbing of the master bath has been moved. The doorway, hallway, and bathroom entrance has all been modified to accommodate Brian’s wheelchair. It might not seem like a big deal to move the wall a foot, but it’s quite a thing!

We’ve also got a new accessible pantry going in where a funky cupboard used to be in the kitchen. The Duncan’s and the design team are overwhelmed by the in-kind donations by local companies, please check out the banner here:, it will continue to be updated as more donations come in. Corey from EMA Architecture and the rest of the design team has been instrumental at making these donations happen. And, as usually, we appreciate any monetary donations to this project:

We want to give special thanks to those who have donated so far, we could not have done this without you!


Thank you ReFit!

We are excited to have found ReFit, a local non-profit organization dedicated to helping people struggling with illness, injury, disability or the aging process to live independent lives… at home. By providing essential modification services such as access ramps, bathroom modifications, widening doorways and installing grab bars, ReFit helps homeowners who want to stay in their homes but lack the resources to make necessary changes.  The family has met with ReFit and submitted their application packet for assistance. 

To learn more, volunteer, or donate to this worthwhile organization go to:

Thank you Fearn!

A big thank you to Fearn Smith, our architectural project manager, for all of your help on this project. We appreciate all of the effort you’ve given as part of the EMA project team, and wish you the best on your future endeavors! 

We’ve Got Framing!

Before of a doorway (left) and after (right), with Brian and Peter Bogart (project manager) from Birdsmouth Construction chatting things over.


“Just move that wall like a foot” it looks so easy in those home remodel shows! They do it in like a week, no problem (wink, wink).

An essential part of this remodel is widening doorways and hallways so that Brian can easily access all the parts of the house. The team is cooking to get the project done so the family can move in as soon as they can…thank you to the design and construction team!!!! And, we’re feeling so appreciative to our donors – we’ve surpassed our goal of hitting $25,000 before the end of the year! We can’t even begin to say how humbled we are by the generosity of friends, family, and often, people we’ve never met. Our funding site link is:

Thank you again!


We’ve got the keys!

The design and construction team met with Brian and Hanne to visit initial design concepts and finalize some decisions. A real family affair, the kiddos had a blast running around the empty house while the adults looked at drawings for the outside and inside modifications. Eventually they even wanted to see what the plans were all about!

This mid-century, ranch-style home is going to look fantastic once EMA Architecture and Birdsmouth Construction have done their thing! Please consider donating to this project. The design and construction team are discounting their rates, but there are still materials, sub consultants, trades, and the rest, to account for.

To donate visit:

Interested in making an in-kind donation? Contact Corey Omey at






Thank you to Glo!

Thank you to Glo European Windows! Glo is sponsoring Two Blocks North by providing a high end triple sliding door or French doors for the new opening to the back covered patio! We are thrilled, thank you! To check out their website visit: