Phase 1 Complete! Moving In!

With Phase 1 complete, the Duncan’s are making the transition into their new home. There’s still lot to do as the design and construction team kick off Phase 2 which involves exterior improvements like ramps and a covered area. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated. There’s still time to make a donation, visit the donations page here:



Brian trying out his new standing/sitting chair. A cleaver track system will installed in the bedroom is essential for Brian’s mobility.


Glo Windows Delivered, Thank You Tivnu!

The Glo doors were delivered to Two Blocks North! Thank you to Gary and Pam, and Erik and his crew at Tivnu for volunteering their morning to move, sort, and clean the garage and the house two blocks south. And to Glo Windows and Doors for donating these amazing blue doors! The Tivnu and Birdsmouth crews were able to unload the doors and get them safely in the garage, where they will be stored for only a short while. Phase 2 exterior work is in the final planning stages and getting close to construction! The Glo Doors will be in place soon. Stay tuned, and thank you again to all that have donated to Brian and Hanne! Today is a bright day…

Thank You to Our Small Business Donations

Cherry Sprout Produce

Every little bit helps, and small local businesses are supporting the Two Blocks North project. Today we want to thank Cherry Sprout for providing fruits, veggies and refreshments at cost to our hard working helpers at our frequent work parties.

Also, the floors are nearly complete and we couldn’t have done it without Steve Lee of Centurial Construction, thank you!

Please join us in supporting our small local businesses that make this community so wonderful to be in!


Pioneer Millworks In Kind Donation!

Thank you to Pioneer Millworks for more than $6,000 of in-kind donations in sustainable and reclaimed flooring and installation. To see more about the install check out their blog Designing Against the Grain, written by Founder Jonathon Orpin.


Our First Paint Party!

Thank you to all the friends and family that came out this weekend to help us patch, tape, caulk, and prime the walls ready for paint this weekend! The gift of labor goes a long way!

We also want to thank Miller Paint for donating more than $1,000 worth of paint and supplies to the project. And as always, we are accepting more donations for our campaign here. We are so humbled that we are 28% funded, and that doesn’t include the more than $25,000 for in-kind donations! Thank you to everyone.

 Our fearless design leader, Corey Omey from EMA Architecture.

The Snow Has Melted: Full Steam Ahead!

It’s been quite a shock here in Portland dealing with the recent snow and ice storms. The weather has passed and with only a few delays were back on track! The electrical has been upgraded, insulation added, and plumbing of the master bath has been moved. The doorway, hallway, and bathroom entrance has all been modified to accommodate Brian’s wheelchair. It might not seem like a big deal to move the wall a foot, but it’s quite a thing!

We’ve also got a new accessible pantry going in where a funky cupboard used to be in the kitchen. The Duncan’s and the design team are overwhelmed by the in-kind donations by local companies, please check out the banner here:, it will continue to be updated as more donations come in. Corey from EMA Architecture and the rest of the design team has been instrumental at making these donations happen. And, as usually, we appreciate any monetary donations to this project:

We want to give special thanks to those who have donated so far, we could not have done this without you!